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Disclaimer of Header

The Header consists several pictures that taken from Zaytuna’s Institute in California captures moments. It’s taken by Brother Aaron Sellers and copyright of Zaytuna Institute.
May Allah bless him and bless all of them.

Personal Writing

Whenever I write something which is somehow considered as a little bit personal it will be my biggest hope that my respected dear fellow’s visitors will view it as a lesson of one’s life and NOT looking it as alqasam’s aka my life.

Journalism is one of method of writing that have been my preference in reading certain materials therefore I tend to write the same kind method even I’m still an amatur in writing and not knowing a lot of things.

I would like to pardon myself if there is any shortcoming that might have encountered or will be occur while walking in this virtual world and writing in this humble blog.

Alqasam is just nobody and will remain so. Just another anonymous in this world who live to die. There will be always be nothing more and nothing less.

Many thanks in advance for reading this lame ’sort of declaration’ and again for reading this humble blog.

I Owe Something?

If there is ANY kind of debts that I forgetten of outlook please do inform me and contact me in this address or my number to claim back your debts or any other things even as smaller as a pen.

Our personal contact number:- 019-3654969 or

May ALLAH bring us closer each day to HIM and fullfill ALL our amanah to each human being.

What with the password protected entries

Password protected entries consist several entries that either it is too personal or woman related affairs.

If there were any of our sisters other than already have the password want to read those entries please do drop your email here.:)

Copyright Issues:

Yes, there are copyright law in Islam. Not to claim the right of the write per say but mostly to protect the accuracy of the contents and the matters of feedback issues. Please at least leave a comment on the purpose posts that you intent to copy (or have) that you want to paste it elsewhere.

I appreciated the intention to spread (may ALLAH reward you for that) the goods and of course everything indeed is all comes from Allah, nothing is our to begin with. But our jurist scholars has outline spesific guideline so that everyone right as a human and Muslim will be protected and all that back to the basic of protecting Allah’s right. That is syariah.

Further inRead Me.

Thanks subhnALLAH for all your kindness.

alhaqeer ilALLAHil Qhaniy

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