Basic Understanding of ‘Alaqah Jinsiyah-Intimate Relationship- Education In Islam: Part 1


Hello On Two (HOT) is really on hot discussion  

While watching HOT talk show at RTM2 this morning, I felt much uncomfortable not because of the issues itself rather because of how ignorance we are as a Muslim. Tony Eusoff and Raja Yasmin did really reflect what common Muslim nowadays think. Casual sex and sex before marriage is considered personal choices but must be conducted with education and protection.


But I have to acknowledge Assoc. Prof  Dr George Lee on his concern and knowledge on the issues. He is wise and right based on what he believe and know.


I didn’t blame the non-Muslims if they have certain way of thinking since it considered right on their context way of life. They didn’t have Holy book that guide them on how they should take their religion as their way of life or how to conduct their life based on certain definite principle.


They can talk about morality but they can say that morality is judgmental or morality is difference based on human right or morality/certain principle is prejudice since everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Which this way of thinking seems full of humanity but it didn’t reflect comprehensive way of life at all. I will not blame them since they didn’t have a solid guidance except certain logical values of morality which can be change on different level of society, education and times. It’s just not solid enough. Its didnt stand on a complete system which can organzie human life such as Islam does.


What if we didn’t have traffic light for example? Then, people’s life will run like crazy, since everyone said they entitle to their own belief and have the very own right to make any desicion. That’s what make we need a system in this life.


We on the contrary, have a complete guidance be it on our Holy Quran, Sunnah of the Prophet, Ijma’ and Qiyas. Not to add additional dalil that not been agreed among the scholars to be a definite dalil such as, Masalih Mursalah, Istihsan (juristic preference), Istishab and so on. In addition, in Islam we were asked to fully understand Islamic teaching as the way of life through learning Islamic education from its very own right discipline. If not, people will stumble upon conflict, unwise disagreement and confrantation. If we disagree, we disagree with humanity and accurate method of  Islamic dicipline. Continue reading “Basic Understanding of ‘Alaqah Jinsiyah-Intimate Relationship- Education In Islam: Part 1”