13 Ramadan: Not Enough


No. I’m not talking about food serving or eating habits. But I’m worried about my performance up till 13th Ramadan. I have to admit, is not easy to maintain our consistency in ubiduyiiah and Ibadah and takhalli my nafs, soul dan heart in this Ramadan. Moreover, I’m now not like before when I’m at IIUM. During those blissful days , I have a whole days just for myself and whatever I want to do to fulfill it. It was a joyous day spending days and night in the mosque. Walking together before sahur with my Turkish friend and talking about Ramadan life and everything in between. Listening to my favorite Qari during Taraweeh and Qiyam. Those was the days…

But. Still I’m so fortunate to have what I have to day. Having said that, I know now that I will never doing enough to please Allah dan HIS Rasul saw but the most important things is, wherever we are in this part of world, not the place what the matter most, but what our soul are rather seeking for. This beautiful Ramadan, wherever our foot destined to be, which part of the world we live, we have been offered the same things by ALLAH.

What we can do, is make this Ramadan the fullest possible as to please ALLAH and Rasulullah saw.

That what really matters.



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