Waiting Just For The Right Time


This is the right time. It is.


I think the times has just arrived.

The time for me to delete this blog. I can’t write consistently. Furthermore, on my side there are several preference of topics which I love covered here that I’m not able to pour forth for several reasons.

Well, that not important since it is not the point. Balaqh is what matters.

But I think this is the right time. I will –maybe– stopped blogging in this site but I wouldn’t stop writing.

I still undecided but this decision, but it might go there.

Till I decide to the absolute conclusion, I would love to thanks those visitors who still visited this humble blog.


Abu Sa’id al-Khudri related that the Prophet (saw) said in his khutba during the farewell pilgrimage,

“Allah will bless whoever hears these words and whoever understands them, for it may be that those who pass on this knowledge are not those who will understand it the best. There are three things concerning which the heart of a believer should feel no enmity or malice: devoting one’s actions to Allah, giving counsel to the Imams of the Muslims, and being loyal to the majority.”


[1] Sahih, Ibn Ma’jah; also Ibn Hibban, Marwarid adh-Dham’an, p.47, on the authority of Zaid ibn Thabit.