Tea Breaks: What Books Are You Reading Now?

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In several night ago, I insist I want to read some fictional novel for a change. I know it wouldn’t do much at my current state at that time. Furthermore I’m more than realize it will only be an escapism for me but still I wanna try. Something that almost long forgotten.

Any Sophie Kinsella’s will be good I told my husband. I know that kind of books is sort of my guilty pleasure. I know I got nothing from the readings except fun’s of reading. Usually at previous days, I wouldn’t buy just any fictional novels. It will be only a waste I would say. On the way to the bookstore, I promise myself to improve myself a lil bit. I love reading philosophical and serious materials reading, of course. But when it comes to fictional novel I can’t help but to read either mystery, thriller, courtroom or humorous novels. On the other hand, I’m not so much into English literature. I love and prefer Malay’s literature more.

I have stopped reading this kind of materials long time ago. But after I’m married my interest has arouse back. Without realizing it I have started my old habit. No harm done isn’t it? My husband is cool about it so it one of the reason that encourage me to borrow those books from the library of buy it tonight. So I thought. But I promise myself that night I will TRY too look for an inspiring fiction novels or true story based l to get my hand onto.

So finally! Alhamdulillah I manage to grab two books. Now I’m currently curling with these two books :-

1) Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia

Upon bought this book I can’t stopped but immense in it. It was a page turner and revetting reading I might say. Though I skipped some part but I finally manage to complete in just couple of hours. While we were walking to the car park that night I can’t help but being glued to the book.

It is an autobiography of one the princess in Saudi Arabia. Using first person narration and with a simple and clear language this book is addictive and appealing in many ways.

Sultana, the main character of this book is a spunky, rebellious, adventurous, witty and intelligent young princess direct descendant of the founder of the current Saudi monarchy. This book tell us her story and her journey.

Well, I have lots to say about this book. But since I skipped some parts I will postpone my review later for it to be objective as it should be.

I have a mixed feelings about this book. It consist some feminism elements, human right issues along with an misunderstanding of the real Islam through the whole execution of the story. Some part I just wanna tell the narrator, that is soooo not true or it doesn’t work that way.

At the same time I have to admit that this story is really happening in most of the Khalaji country. The most shocking part is this book has proven some issues that I have once heard from K. Dini during our late night discussion of world issues back in our room in UIA. When I listen what she said at the moment, I found it hard to believe but I’m still digging it. What I mean was, I believe it despite the fact I found it so unusual for me. (I will spare this part for the next review).

Currently I’m doing some reading of certain Saudi woman and women who marry to Saudi man’s blogs. Things is not as pleasant as we thought it should be. I know that Saudi government itself has certain issues to deal with especially regarding royal, politics and woman policies but I never in my wildest imagination think it will be this cruel. Talk about presenting the real Islam.*Sigh. (Still I still some issues to confirm this book either factual OR fictional basis).

And the second book comes from one of the author that I found respectable on his genre;Nicholas Spark.

Once before, I have read almost all his books. Though I took a good interest in his books but I have to admit most his book present the same premise. A character that has lost someone their love and finally meeting someone knew OR a character that found their long lost love back. On the other hand, this book somehow manage to generate my interest in terms of finally it manage to evoke an elements of realism and created a different execution comparing to his other books. It is not your eye candy or lovey dovey books if you ask me. It is realistic.

Just by reading the prologue of the books I know I have to buy it. This something that related to our daily life. I want to buy some humorous novel but I found none so I grabbed this book instead.

2- The Wedding
Cover of The Wedding (Sparks, Nicholas) by Nicholas Sparks

Initially I have said to myself, I don’t want a tearjerker books that will made me cry a bucket. I have had enough of those melancholy feelings already. But this book is different. Most of all, I and my husband can definitely relate and learn from the main character and their marriage. This one piece actually if I may add is the sequel of the popular THE NOTEBOOK. But it didn’t present the same execution of the original except how to you uphold your love. While Notebook is romantic and full of sentimental value with melancholy kind of writing, The Wedding promise otherwise.

Wilson is 50 something husband to a kindhearted woman. Their life is ordinary without so much hassle or arguments going on between them. They live an ordinary and comfortable life that one day Wilson thought that did he become a husband that he should be to her wife? Was his wife still love him or did she has fallen out of love of him.

He is faithful. So was she. He is dependable. So was she. They didn’t intrigued by any kind of extra marital affairs. But what triggered their life is their own internal life.

During that times, they didn’t have anything to talk. Their marriage rather than be sharing each others moments has turn into a routine. Whilst Wilson himself has become deeply grown more in love than he ever felt to his wife he thought they have become more distance in many ways than before. And my! Wilson blame that all to himself.

This is one story that been inspired by the character that the author really know. We can easily relate to it that in order to have a contend marriage it does required more than just a love. It’s required most of all right way while entering the marriage, a clear intention when one’s want to get married. Later on, understanding, compromising, tolerance, accept each other as they are and most of all as Habil Ali said to build a marriage that will please ALLAH and His Rasul.

At the same time love need to be nourish and flourish everyday. This is a story that we might be turn as the character has once become if we didn’t learn from their mistakes and wanting to improve ourselves.

This is story how to rekindle back your long forgetten love and how to be a better spouse to your wife or husband. Be it you as a wife or you as a husband.

Love need to be enhance (and work hard for it) in order for it to be eternal.

So, what do you think of these two books? I would love to hear the thought for my sisters too. Of course, they are not even an example/role model to begin with. But as a Muslim who will grab any life changing experience be it comes from any human being will surely gain if not many at least a little benefit from it. Immense with the story and later nourish it with the sunnah of the Prophet and teaching of the Salaf that has left us a distinguished example for us.

Let spilled out the beans and share with us what books are you into now! Any kind of books will be great for that matter.

5 thoughts on “Tea Breaks: What Books Are You Reading Now?

  1. Salam Ukht,

    Ah, how i envy you! I am currently wrapped in the econometric model any readings related to other than this world will invoke a guilty feelings, even though I havent done much on the modelling! Yah, such a mysterious feeling I guess. However, due to some unending curiosity, I have started to look at the shiah-sunni issue, as it represents some major misunderstanding and causes major deviation among us. And my, the related books have such powerful words that I couldnt help being so much impressed!

    And those books that you mentioned just now? I might step into the claypot library this late afternoon and try to get it. However, if you like the ordinary life story, nothing really deep, you can try Alexander Mccall Smith. I fall in love with his books!

    Happy reading sis, and please pray for us here. Much love

  2. Ummu Saifullah


    If you want humorous book, read “where the streets had a name” by Randa Abdel-Fattah. The author tells a sad story in a funny way. I think you will enjoy this book at the same time you would be able to understand the hardship of the Palestinians living in a big open prison.

  3. Waalaikumsalam ila habibatayni both Nur and Ummusaifullah.

    Noted. Both Alexander Mccall Smith and Randa Abdel Fattah (I have come across one of her book in my MIL house. Looks appealing, I mean the storyline and the cover).


    Thanks, thanks a lot for spending time to pour forth the thoughts here. Very much appreciated.

    Oh, sister Nur, haven’t got much opportunity to dwell into the topic you mention above BUT I think we have once come across the same topic regarding Sunni Shiah issues before in your blog.

    Having said that, Shia and Sunni is seing more on political problem but STILL it was basically based on AQIDAH deviation. We may become together in political stance (and love each other of course) if one want to choose that but on aqa’id matters, there are always – always something that seriously has been opposed in the matter of Aqidah.

    Please do feel free to share more of the books that you have been reading including those that you mentioned have made you immersed in it so much. Would love to take a peek into that knowing that you have a good selection of reading!:)


  4. Salam Sis,

    I have change the blog, well, so many speculations that I’m afraid it will to fitnah for me here. My new blog is much more like an independent, anonymous person, which I want to be known off, of course.

    Drop a line, I really love your thoughts!

  5. Salam Sis,

    I have change the blog, well, so many speculations that I’m afraid it will be a fitnah for me here. My new blog is much more like an independent, anonymous person, which I want to be known off, of course.

    Drop a line, I really love your thoughts!

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