Ramadan 25: Tadabbur Surah Ahqaf

YESTERDAY: 25th Ramadan

When we parted from the iftar majlis, we went straightly to Masjid terapung.

The breeze from the lake at the night of 24th ramadan, hazily brushing our soul.

MashALLAH, when we arrived there, the poll of cars was parking everywhere. This is the first time we were there in order to perform Tarawih prayers. Usually our nightstand for Tarawih is Masjid negeri. At the end of Ramadan like this, to see the scene like that was unusual I have to say.

When I stepped my feet outside the cars, I quickly walk towards the masjid. Upon hearing the voice of the Qari starting reciting for Solat Isya', I felt SO surprised. I almost burst into tears. The sound of the Qari was VERY similar to Shaykh Shuraim. I wonder who the Qari was. I heard he is somewhere from Middle East.

Oh, Shukran ya ALLAH fot letting me be part of this beautiful jamaah.

I can't say how much I cried, cried and cried upon hearing the Qari reciting Surah Ahqaf onwards on that night. SubhanaALLAH all I could say. The peak of the night will be when he recites the duah for witr prayer. He cried, he lowered and increased the voice to suit with the meaning of the duah like the Imam's of tarawih prayers in Middle East were doing.

I just can say that my heart was almost DROPPED (like for real) and burst into million pieces just by listening his recitation. Indeed hearing the WORDS of ALLAH was SO powerful and strong that can't be endure by our weakened heart and sinful souls. How can we, when even A MOUNTAIN will melt if the QURAN was ever revealed to them?

MashALLAH, thanks ALLAH for giving me, the sinful servants of you to receive this bless yet again, after how many times I have choose world and nafs over you. Without your bless, ALLAH I wouldn’t be there. Because of your grace and bless, only I manage to hear, stand and listen.