Homemade Cooking Is Simply Healthy


     Cheeky smiles comes from mischievous little Muhammad, Umar and sweety Iman


I’m so looking forward  the next get together with my family. It will be on this Tuesday.  This is my opportunity to please them with something I know they will love. I have plan to do something exciting with my lovely brothers and sisters. Makes them scrumptious, healthy and toyyibah foods that will built them in becoming a good people at heart and obedient servant of Allah. InshAllah.


Here are some of the meals that I know they will truly enjoyed and make them giddy with  happiness.


1) Baked Penee/Macaroni Cheese Pasta


This baked pasta was simple and easy to make and just let it linger with your preference. I learn how to make this when I studying in Egypt. When I come back I learn to nourish it with some additional ingredients. I tried to add an Italian flavor in it.



The one that I made during previous Eid


2) Chicken’s Stew



I didn’t exactly remember the exact recipe but Kak Serena told me to fry cinnamon,  daun ketumbar,  onions, garlic, black and white pepper and mixed it later into the pot’s of the stew. Apart from that, it’s like normal chicken stew if I’m not mistaken. But now, I will baked it in the oven instead of boil it. It was more fussy since we have to run several  stages on putting the different vegetables on different times.


Since I love my stew to become creamy so I put more corn flour. I love potatoes so much and since it a must in the stew then to avoid the potatoes become raw when the stew complete I boil the potatoes first and add it later together with the stew.

I come to love the baked one more since its more healthier


3) Mash Potatoes


Since I love (again) anything about potatoes I would like to serve my siblings with these lovely and yummy mush potatoes. I’m excited when I discover that sister Aan add a cream cheese with it. Something that I never did before. Let see her tasteful picture.


                                                              Credit to Sister Aan’s blog


4) Chocolate, Walnut and Berry Muffin


Ok, this one course that will make an absolute lovable treat that I never tried. But I found one recipe from Karen Cheng’s site and it’s looks so inviting. It feel so heavenly just looking by the pictures. It is a healthy recipe indeed. I love how she consistenly cook a healthy and homemade cooking for her children. Not to mention she love to used organic ingredient which is just amazing.


 Credit to Karen Cheng’s Site

5) Lamb Steak


I will use HPA organic’s lamb. I still hesitate either I want to cook this one or not since not all my siblings will be home when I go back. It quite unfair for the eldest and they will grow green with jealousy when they find out later. Not that I’m really know how to fry the steak. Lol. Well, but if I want to make it I will make it as a special mother’s day treat!


I have taste once when we went to Radix Chicken Rice Restaurant not Radix Fried Chicken and I gonna try to cook it myself.




Credit to  Izanman’s blog

I got the pictures from this blog when I randomly try to find a halal picture’s of lamb steak or you can learn the secret of how to cook a steak in this site.


6 thoughts on “Homemade Cooking Is Simply Healthy

  1. Yum! sedapnya. Tak sabar menanti hari isteri saya nak masak makanan kat atas.
    Isteri saya memang talented dalam masak-memasak ni. Buktinya, perut saya pun dah semakin “maju” semenjak dua menjak ni. Susah juga dapat isteri pandai masak ni:) Terima kasih masakkan untuk saya.

  2. alQasam

    Nadiah: Gambar je tempting, dua jah yang dah dibuat. Yang lain nak try baru. Nad punya next recipe jangan lupa share juga ya.

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