CHANGE: My Dead Heart

Pictures Layout Problem

So, so and so. Finally I have changed my layout of this site. Actually, I love the previous layout and didn’t intend to ever change it.  The previous layout was clean and sleek. A minimalist theme. The problem is, I don’t know how to handle the pictures layout in order to synchronized it with the writing. Sometimes, if the pictures were too small, the letters will be all over the page. As a result, I have enlarge the picture or post a large picture so that the size of the picture will be centralized the entry and wouldn’t messed up the entry.  But I think that bothering me since it takes too much time and  beside the pictures will be too big to begin with.

Still I have to digging the trick on how to get rid the Flick Photostream, how to seize the Author’s profile to the very right side of this page and also on how to centralized with the page. Oh, don’t bother with this ranting it is not that important. Alright, enough of rambling.

Between Presidential Election And Zaytuna Minara Program

Looking at above pictures, one might wonder what it is all about. When everyone is in deep curiosity who is going  to win the Presidential Election in United States right now, Zaytuna Institute did otherwise. Don’t blame me if I’m not that interested on that matter right now too. Usually I will be interested in that kind of affairs occurred in the country where  I have been born. But this is an exceptional case. Since I know that Barack Obama stated that he  is an alliance with Israeli government and will ensure that  the country  will be  together with Israeli Government as an alliance IF he become a president later.

CHANGE: Change by Barack Obama 

When I heard my mother told me that, all my admiration  and curiosity towards him has died at the very right moment. My mother was one of the most open minded, critical and a great observer & analyzer but even she herself didn’t  anticipated to talk about Obama  after that. I know the different between Republican and Democrats.  While I prefer Republican when it comes to conservative issues but I prefer Democrats when it comes to some controversial issues. When this is not the issue concern here, but  one cannot denied that United States control most of the major decision in this world and I just hope later on, he will  if he win (he already had at this moment) to stop war in Iraq and Afghanistan by calling back the American troops there.  Yet I doubt he will emphasize on that issue just yet since the major issues concern United State citizens right now is financial crisis.

Barack Obama is without a doubt is a charismatic figure, full of new vision and mission, have the capacity to enlighten youth aspiration,  will be a perfect figure to overcame racial barriers and has the passion in bringing a reform in lot of aspects (maybe) but since he is in the same boat with the number one terrorist in the world, I called it off and please don’t blame me on this. Well, I still ignorant in political situation in my own born country so don’t take me on this.

I did worried what will happen next it just I’m not that interested as I used to be before. I want to know what will happen next and what future will behold for my beloved Salsabila and her family in Chicago right now,one of my very precious student who is like a family to me. What will her mother Sister Safrin, her father Brother Malik and all his siblings life will be later. I love my sisters and brother in Islam there, so I just hope the best for all of them.

Zaytuna Minara Program

Back to the program, I think it is a  very interesting event and one should go if they are in North Carolina right now. Minara workshop want to bring traditional education to all communities. Lets take a look what is all about.

Why It Called Minara?

A symbol of assistance and hope , the minara (lighthouse) offers
guidance for wayfarers of the world.  With so many Muslims searching
for knowledge while grappling with the arduous scheduling demands of
the modern world, we proudly offer the Zaytuna Minara Program.  This
new program provides a concentrated educational format in which
selected topics are taught in multiple day-long sessions to facilitate
the acquisition of knowledge.  The Zaytuna Minara Program is open to
all students new and experienced with no application required.  All
wayfarers are welcome.

Why One Should Go?

What separates our Minara programs from ordinary lectures is the fact
that we structure the program around specific topics that include
student exercises, group activities, and measurable, attainable goals.

Our first topic, Agenda to Change Our Condition, has
been taught in Houston, San Jose, and Dallas.  To date, nearly 1,000
students have benefited from our Minara programs.  We anticipate
developing new topics and visiting additional cities in the near future.


What Did The  Previous Participant Said?:-

“…a truly spiritually uplifting experience… Practical steps were
outlined, as well as exercises that anyone, from a new Muslim, to a
scholar would find beneficial for their souls
. ”
-Washington D.C. Minara participant

This is probably the most enlightening conference I have ever been to.
-Dallas Minara participant

Am I sounding like promoting this workshop. Indeed, yes because it presents two of my favorite figure in da’wah and educational community in United States. First is Imam Zaid Shakir a resident scholar at  Zaytuna Institute together with our very own distinguished scholar and author of  book ‘Purification Of Heart‘ and Co-Founder of Zaytuna Institute, Syaykh Hamza Yusuf.






Highlight Of The Program

Session 1: Imam Zaid Shakir – Intro and Taqwa: Its Definition and Benefits

Session 2:  Shaykh Hamza Yusuf – The Path to Taqwa

Session 3:  Imam Zaid Shakir – Practical Steps to Change Our Condition

Session 4: Shaykh Hamza Yusuf – The Heart and Its Treatment

Session 5: Imam Zaid Shakir – Civic Involvement: An Islamic Imperative

Session 6: Shaykh Hamza Yusuf – Exercises for Attaining God Consciousness

Take a peek at the titles of the talks and workshop. I’m so want to be part of it  yet I’m not fated by Allah to be there. Nonetheless I’m looking forward to see or read more reviews or summary of this great event. Though, I can’t be part of it I still hope I will gain some benefit from it and if I can get a single recording of this program I will be the happiest person in this world. Grateful enough, I still given the chances by Allah meeting  some noble Masyayeikh last week here in Terengganu and their presence  has lighten up my dim heart.

Changing My Dead Heart

The title come from one of my favorite poem recited by Syaykh Zulfiqar. The recitation of the poem has succeed in making me shed thousand of tears from the very first times I listen to it. Changing the world meaning you have to change your dead heart first, this is what has been firmly stated by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi when  he has gone through every level of life. What does it means? I will continue to share the meanings of it  later by excerpts some fruitful advices from several  Hadrah, Halaqaat and Talaqqi with Syuyukh. At this moment Sayyidi wa sanadi Hadhrat Mawlana Mohammad Taqi Usmani (May Allah Preserve him) has instructed on multiple occasions:-

“Do not be trapped in the dreamworld of fulfillment of your own desires even in the sphere of religion.

Be the son of the moment (ibn al-waqt). That is, do as each and every moment demands from you. For example, if there is a blessing be thankful to Allah, if there is a mistake repent, if there is hardship be patient and if there is fear ask refuge, etc.

This is servitude (abudiyet).”


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