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During the previous Books Exhibition at PWTC, I have to be on duty in one stall as an employee in one company. So, I had some times to wandering around and looking for my favorite books. While there is a lot of books that caught my attention but my budget was very tight that day. Oh, I’m a -bride to be- that times and lot’s of money has to be save so I only bought two very great and inspiring books. First is Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood ‘The Muslim Marriage Guide’ and then I grab  Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Simple Wisdom: A Daybook Of Spiritual Living’ as my second book. 

Unlike many others  marriage related books that I have bought or read before, I never heard about this book. My bad maybe, but surprisingly this books is very comprehensive and helpful for married couple or those who are going to get married. Little that I knew until at this right very moment that she even been called as ‘John Gray’ of the Muslim world.! Remembered the so famous and most talk and discussed relationship book?. “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” and all the prolongation series? Then, this one piece should be read to any bride or groom to be.

Yes, indeed both above books is very insightful and inspiring. Highly recommended for  those  who love to read something intellectual, challenging at the same time have the spiritual  enhancement. Both books is worth to buy and great to have. I will share some of my thoughts later.

Because one mistaken click, all my reviews of this book has disappeared into thin air which make me feel quite frustrated. If I didn’t believe that everything is come from Allah I will shed my tears for this  trivial matter and because I believe on the contrary I will keep the tears for something better. I will continue writing after a few minutes after I gain the strength and refresh the idea back. Not that this is a big matter, but I still a woman aren’t I?

3 thoughts on “Recommended English Books

  1. alqasam

    Salam Kak Ma. Apakabar? Mabruk, BarakAllahulak WaBarakAllahu ‘Alaik Wajam’a Bainakum Bikhair. Afwan, tak dapat hadir hari tu. Boleh kak. Alamat kami, di Taman Semarak, Bukit Tunggal, Kuala Terengganu. Nak alamat penuh ke? Nanti, diemailkan ya.:)

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