Ramadhan 10: Listening To The Words of HIM

” When the Quran is read, listen to it with attention, and hold your peace: that ye may receive Mercy. ”  Quran 7:204 

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Usually I love to listen to Syeikh Sudais recitation, it’s make my heart tremble with fear and my eyes become teary out of love to Him. But today, when I listen to Qari Sheikh Muaiqily recitation during the third night of Ramadhan in Makkah, my heart stop and tears can’t stop flowing on my face.

His recitation just simply touching and make me remembered all the greatness of Allah and how I’m a servant who has disobey HIM in many of my actions. A sinful servant indeed, I am.

The verses of Quran indeed is miraculous. The secret  meaning of Quran is  a miracle to be reveal and a secret of thousands of  hidden path which will lead to the ultimate happiness.

The Benefit For Listening To The Holy Quran

Listening to the recitation of the Quran can cure the heart  which is the perfect medicine for a longing heart and a painful soul.

Imam Jalaluddin As-Sayuti in his great book “Medicine of the Prophet” has mentioned of the greatness of listening to the Quran. He write:

Listening to recitation is the perfume of the souls, the calmer of hearts, and the food of the spirit. Is is one of the most important psychological medicines. It is a source of pleasure, even to some animals – and pleasure in moderation purifies inner energy, enhances the functioning of the faculties, slows down senile decay by driving out its diseases, improves the complexion, and refreshes the entire body. Pleasure in excess, on the other hand, makes the illnesses of the body grow worse.

Abu Nu’aim states, in his Tib an-Nabbi, that the Prophet (pbuh) said that the benefits of listening to recitation are increased when it is understood – that is, when its meaning is understood. Allah Himself says:

…so give good news to My slaves, those who listen to the word and then follow the best of it…(Qur’an: 39.17-18)

Put Your Hearts On

Eventhough Al-Quran can reveal a lot of miracle to human being in general still it has certain condition to be fulfilled before one can grasp to the beautiful feelings of hearing the Quran or mesmerized him or herself with the recitation and the  meanings.

“Indeed in this there is a remembrance for those who have a living heart, listen attentively and are awake to taking heed.” [Qaaf: 37]

First: Living Heart.

It is the niyah or intention to put your heart and mind through the recitation which meaning you are fully aware that you are listen to the Holy Quran.

Sheikh Mohammad Jamel Jeeno once elaborate to gain the complete benefit from the Quran   dependent upon the object providing the benefit, the place by which it is to be received, the conditions related to attaining the benefit and the non existence of anything that may hinder the benefit from occurring. Hence the verse contains an explanation of all of these points, with the shortest and clearest of words, and those that best prove the point.

Therefore Sheikh added, if you desire to benefit from the Qur’aan, gather your heart when reciting it, focus your attention to it and focus as if you are the one being directly addressed by it. For indeed it is an address from Allaah via the path of the Messenger sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam.

Whilst the saying of Allaah {who have a living heart} then this refers to the place that receives the benefit and this is the heart that has life and comprehends what Allaah has sent, as Allaah the Most High says:

“Indeed this is only a clear reminder and a Qur’aan so as to warn those who have a living heart.” [Yaaseen: 69-70]

Sheikh then mentioned that  the saying of {listen attentively} i.e. who turns his attention to it and listens mindfully to what is being said. This is the condition that is placed so that one can be benefited by it. And His saying {are awake to taking heed.} i.e. that the heart is attentive to it.

Second: Listen Attentively

Listen attentively to Sheikh means is the person who turns his attention to it and listens mindfully to what is being said. This is the condition that is placed so that one can be benefited by it. And His saying {are awake to taking heed.} i.e. that the heart is attentive to it.

Being attentive listening to the Quran by putting your heart with the recitation of the Quran is very crucial for you to get the fruitful benefit from the recitation.

As Ibn Qutaibah said:

“Listen to the book of Allaah whilst your heart and mind is attentive, not neglectful nor distant.”

Thus, we will see how many people listen to the Holy Quran everyday yet their heart still harsh towards wisdom, humanity and good deeds.

Third: Knowing the meaning of the verses.

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