Nothing More Nothing Less

Whenever I write something which is somehow considered as a little bit personal it will be my biggest hope that  my respected dear fellow’s visitors will view it as a lesson of one’s life and NOT looking it as alqasam’s  aka my life.

Journalism is one of method of writing that have been my preference in reading certain materials therefore I tend to  write the same kind method even I’m still an amatur in writing and not knowing a lot of things.

I would like to pardon myself if there is any shortcoming that might have encountered or will be occur while walking in this virtual world and writing in this humble blog.

Alqasam is just nobody and will remain so.  Just another anonymous in this world who live to die. There will be always be nothing more and nothing less.

Many thanks in advance for reading this lame ‘sort of declaration’ and reading this humble blog.


5 thoughts on “Nothing More Nothing Less

  1. ainaana

    Very true. Somehow or rather writing entries that can be considered personal, we have given it a few thought before we pen it down (in this case, type it down :D)

    Truth is we have no intention of glorifying ourselves or look down upon others when we write. We write to dispense message to the mass. Some with higher intellectual may understand ilmiah articles that we write. But some, the so call masses, may not. Thus personal entries relating to that particular experience may help them to understand insya’Allah. Those personal entries if read carefully, we can find a silver lining in between.

    Oh..apologize for this long comment sis 😀 (may not suit your entry la..i think)

  2. Just like how the sufi speaks.

    Never knew u r a woman even a married one!

    Till i just checked ur Salik.

    Im sorry for misunderstand u before.Maklumlah zaman rat race ni semua nak laju sampai tersalah faham. Prof Wan reminded me once that ‘speed can be dangerous to the intellectuals’. Haha.

    May Allah bless ur family with this wonderful blog.Amin.

  3. salam…
    a) penampilan blog yang sangat kemas dan menarik… tahniah…! semoga terus komited dalam arena penulisan…. (“,)
    b) ustazah ada di terengganu ke? sejak bila lagi dan sampai bila?
    c) dah habis MA belum? ke sekarang sedang menyiapkan PHD pula?
    d) ana perlukan pandangan tentang gambaran pengajian MA di UIA. apa emel ustzah yer?

  4. alqasam

    Ainaana: Well said kak. Such a beautiful insight. Didn’t have anything to add.

    Sosialis Kanan: Oh, akhi there is nothing to be sorry about. Yes, indeed baru berkahwin dalam tiga minggu. Terima kasih for the dua.

    Ayohwer: InshAllah ustaz boleh hubungi ana di alamat email:

    Fadilah: KAK!!!! Allahuakbar! Apakabr…Lama nya tak jumpa..Mcm mana dengan study kat Jordan. A doc to be ye..Ramadhan Kareem. InshAllah..jiwa dah lama ke Jordan..Satu hari nanti nak menjejaki juga. Tengah plan dengan suami.

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