Life Is Like That; Full Of Colours



I remembered that once never did I think I’m going to face this exhausted journey everyday. No. I mean not journey in the life yet traveling everyday from my home to the office almost at the very early in the morning and arrived at home late at the evening – 8-9 p.m- when the sky has turn dark and it is almost my lovely darling bedtime. At that time usually Muhammad my youngest brother still wake up and I will be playing and giggling with him until whenever time possible  and finally when he feel sleepy only then I will put him in the buaian and swing him until he fall asleep. He is truly a therapy for an exhausted day. A baby is indeed. They are mind blowing creatures!

Nonetheless it is an enthralling journey while enjoying looking at people reading The Sun and anticipating the feelings that there are similar peoples out there who shared the same values and hopes for the future like us and how we are progressing into new political dimension despite several constrains and obstacles that lay ahead of us. I have faith on it. I’m optimist towards the change regardless how hard or how long it will take as long if we realize that our highest hope is Allah Almighty and seeking His pleasure is our goal. Facing different people’s everyday really teaches us various things.


My mind keep edging and rethinking of  the earliest day of my works here while dealing and mingling with Islamic Finance books in an office full of males staffs  that really required a full commitment that I have never experienced before. Most of all I can’t resist but to think of my precious students and how did I really miss them. I know I sound so lame yet this is true. Working at this office nonetheless how exhausted the traveling is or how bored it is, I can still find my space and sometimes while reading and editing the materials for the publication department I can even sleeping without noticing out of exhaustion. Thus, because of that also has make me wondered many times how different is my nature of work now compared to my hectic schedule as a teacher last year. That makes me missing and thinking more about them. Life is like that. Now we know that love has no boundaries and life in this world is not our mission yet it is merely a bridge. A world is only a bridge to the eternal love and life later. When there is no pain and separation except true happiness. Yes and how I still waiting for that day

The Sufi path is not a way of words but of work. Its aim is to change one’s soul and life to conform to the Divine. The strongest means for this change are dhikr or ‘remembrance of Allah,’ mudhakara or learning from one’s sheikh, and jihad al-nafs or overcoming the self. If one is doing these things, one is travelling the path. If one is not, one has stopped.

Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller


Geez, if one interested to read a worth reading article and solid analysis from a prominent accountant can take a look at Anilnetto analysis. Duh, such an interesting insight for the whole Terengganu ‘drama’! Not to forgot a Terengganu lovers insight too if you have additional time!

Well, our religion never did allow biased perception at the first place. Justice, transparancey, accuntability is the very fundamental and crucial aspect in Islam. We love Allah then we have to love justice too. We love Rasululllah ( pbuh ) and the sahabah thus we should follow their path. They have told us that bribery is a very dangerous actions and sinful doings that will lead to unstable socio economy system in the society  alongside it will affected our faith as a Muslim. Let’s hear what our very own distinguished scholar said about ruling one country. Indeed, a heart wrenching yet a very frank statement from our late scholar Syeikh Sya’rawi. ( Rohimahullah ).

Life is like that; Full of colours. It is.

p.s: Well, whenever I wrote something personal it will be my highest hope that people will see and read it as a lesson and journal of one’s life and NOT looking it as alqasam life. Journalism method of  writing is always my preference in reading therefore I love to write it sometimes as I love to read journalism type of writing.