Ramadhan 1: 1st Ramadhan Sonnet


The Inevitable

It’s like practicing for death. No food or drink
during daylight hours no matter
what, in the
heat of summer or
cold of winter,
and no way out of it but through
sickness, pregnancy, menstruation, madness or travel.
So that

it’s something that comes
inevitably each year, like it or not, whether or not
you’ve got a knack for it, and
some do, and love to fast, and
thrive on it, but
I do not, yet

each year it makes its visit, and year after
year it builds up to be a
sweet thing,

which makes it like death, the way it’s
always on the
horizon, and an
absolute obligation, which must be

why Muslims often die well. They’ve had a
lifetime of Ramadans tenderizing them
for The Inevitable. And The

Inevitable surely comes.

1 Ramadan 1406
May 9, 1986

Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

Saya memang pengkagum kepada puisi Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore. Saya melewati puisi-puisinya lewat laman deenport.com. Hampir kesemua nukilan puisinya memberi makna mendalam dalam memahami maknawiyah ‘alamiyah. Antara koleksi puisi kegemaran saya dari beliau ialah ‘The Ramadhan Sonnets’. Saya mencari kekuatan diri lewat bait indah puisi beliau. Sayangnya koleksi penuh puisi beliau tidak lagi boleh didapati dengan melayari laman deenport.com. Namun bagi yang benar-benar berminat, membeli koleksi puisi-puisi beliau, tidak akan menjadi satu kerugiaan, inshAllah.

For me the province of poetry is a private ecstasy made public, and the social role of the poet is to display moments of shared universal epiphanies capable of healing our sense of mortal estrangement—from ourselves, from each other, from our source, from our destiny, from The Divine.




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